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Although many African countries have created national parks or wildlife conservation areas, African animals continue to be targeted by poachers.Many of the animals in Africa that are killed by poachers are elephants, whose ivory tusks are sold on the black market.Our Monterey Bay cam offers a peek from the Aquarium's ocean-view decks.From this vantage point, you can identify a number of the birds and sea mammals that find refuge in Life on the Bay.Look for black cormorants perched on a rock, perhaps stretching their wings to dry.Watch the water's surface; you might see a harbor seal poke its head out of the water, or a sea otter wrapped in kelp.Scientists are still working to understand what triggers these blooms of jellies.See if you can spot any in the waters off our back decks!

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The stand-alone display shows weather conditions using seven-segment LCD numerals.

In theory, I could have figured out what the weather-station components were telling the dongle, what the dongle was telling the PC, and what commands might be flowing in the other direction.

Then, with some more work and time, I could have reproduced that conversation on a Linux or OS X box. So I decided to make do with the station’s stand-alone display.

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