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The Raise the Age Louisiana Act (SB 324) brings Louisiana into step with the vast majority of states that set the age of criminal jurisdiction at 18.The bill is part of a package of juvenile justice reforms that were overwhelmingly approved by the legislature.

You can watch movies together, eat pizza together, drive around (although the 15 year old might have a curfew), and even dance.There are laws about sexual activity with persons under the age of 17 in Louisiana. Quite simply, if at least one of you is under 17 and there is an age difference of more than 2 years, then any sexual activity between these two people is a felony.The type of activity determines if it is "Indecent Behavior with a Juvenile" or "Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile".In the end, it’s about not giving up on any young person.” The governor has called Raise the Age a “down payment” on a wider criminal justice reform agenda he plans to pursue in 2017. Polling by LSU shows that two-thirds of Louisianans – a majority of both parties – also back the measure.“The Legislature followed the will of the people,” said Josh Perry, executive director of the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights and member of the Louisiana Youth Justice Coalition, a network of 70 organizations across the state that advocated for the four-bill package that included the Raise the Age Act.

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