Dating tama starclassic drums

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There are many people on that forum that migrated from the Tama forum when it fell apart a couple of years ago so you should be able to find a answer on the serial numbers. They have thick maple shells, long lugs, hold a tune forever and are very loud.On the downside; you can't get them anymore, they don't have the same low fundamental tone as a thinner shell and are very heavy. I've got a 16" orphan in that color and have been trying to find a matching bass and tom(s) for several years now with no luck.His paternal grandmother, Ulla Meyer, was from a Jewish family; as a result, Ulrich's grandfather was persecuted by the Nazis during World War II.In February 1973, Ulrich's father obtained passes for five of his friends to a Deep Purple concert that was being held in the same Copenhagen stadium as one of his tennis tournaments.Gear returned in great condition, with only minor signs of use, such as slight scuffs or pick marks.Starclassic Bubinga shells are made slightly thicker than those in Tama's Starclassic Maple series to provide a more aggressive attack, a fuller deep and dark tone, and more powerful resonance.And here someone snagged a whole darn set of 'em.

If I were to guess, would that mean they were made in January 1992 ? Jeff ya know, I dont but I have a couple friends that should, I gotta get ready to split for the gig, but if you dont have an answer on here by sunday afternoon I will make a call for ya, but if you went over to the Tama Forum and I'm sure you have thought of that, you would have an answer pretty quick also man there is a forum that has a bunch of TAMA guys that are out of Canada its a great forum in general, and for the life of me I cant remember the name of the forum, So if anyone knows let me know , like I said DUDE your gonna love them puppies..thanks its nice to be thought of...If anyone has either this drum kit or the traps drum kit i will be willing to trade.I'm looking to just trade them for the Pearl travelers 5 piece drum kit with the mesh and acoustic heads and hardware.And here someone snagged a whole darn set of 'em. The pic above is straight off the CL ad where I found these. Dude, sorry man the 2 guys who I thought would know told me there not sure, I dont know if you got an answer from the other forums, so you might have to call TAMA on Monday..... Take some better pics, please, they deserve to be shown off properly!

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