Dating jasperware teapot

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are that it is vitreous, strong and opaque and can be made in different colours. As well as white, coloured clays were used and there is also 'jasper dip' which was a white body coated with a thin layer of coloured clay, such as a blue, applied as slip (liquid clay).

The sprigs are made by pressing clay into small sprig moulds of a specially textured fine earthenware.

21cm high overall, 30.5cm diameter (dish)Reference: Audrey Dudson, ' Cheese Dishes', page 57, pl.28.

More details A mid 19th century Dudson trinket box and cover modelled as a cottage, inscribed "90" to underneath, height 8.5cm (af), a pair of 19th century Staffordshire porcelain figures of seated pointers on shaped blue bases, height 9.5cm, and a group five Continental ceramic figures to include a gypsy couple, height 32cm (8).

In this teapot, these ancient Greek influences, arriving in German pottery firms by way of England, meet with a different set of cultural influences: the rise of a culture of tea drinking in Europe was the result of increased trade networks between Europe and East Asia.

LOT OF COLLECTABLESincluding vintage handbags, some costume jewellery, cased bronze spoons, a photo frame, limited edition Dudson jug no.

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