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People may join simply to peruse, with no intention of starting a relationship or even meeting someone.

I had a friend who joined Tinder solely to talk to people about their dogs. Online dating across the life span: Users’ relationship goals.

After his swim, he keeps only the necessary, glistening, shining drops of important, actionable data points.

As my major data crush Avinash Kaushik would say, getting drunk on data and providing “data pukes” is totally unnecessary, not to mention classless and a total turn off.

Initially I thought an upfront approach served best so I included my CP into my dating profile.

I figured “Hey, if my disability is going to put someone off, so be it.

Knowing when a post was written doesn’t impact the evergreen nature of a post if the content is still good, the information still accurate and the topic still relevant years later.

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Over the year I enjoyed in-depth communication with three women, going on to have a date with one of them.

Many yearn for a return to “simpler” days, and want to meet someone the “old fashioned way,” no matter how nostalgia-based and romanticized this yearning may be. Those who are exhausted from the search for love keep going back, time and time again. Why do we put ourselves through the heartbreak and stress again and again?

But sifting through thousands of matches, starting and abandoning conversations like half-written novels, and repeatedly ditching bad first dates, can be draining.

When it comes to romantic partners, what makes someone attractive? Most of us can easily list the attributes we find …

And how do personality traits play into whether we’re drawn to someone or turned off by them?

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