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View lectures from our Guest Speaker Series streamed live, and participate in live Q&A sessions via Twitter.

Catch up on the Aqua Cast, which features interviews with guest speakers, Aquarium staff members, and updates on the latest ocean news.

Roughly a month after birth, kittens develop adult teeth and begin to eat solid food.

Kitten cam allows you to watch cute kittens grow before your eyes.

LIVE Feed from the Falcon Nest Box Atop the Briess Manitowoc Grain Elevator.

The 2014 Briess acquisition of a grain handling and storage operation in nearby Manitowoc, WI, came with a bonus—a Peregrine Falcon nest box.

This cam shows a mother cat and her kittens in an open environment.

House cats, along with dogs, are the most popular animal companions in the US.

“They are opportunists and will eat the food that’s easiest to get.”While certainly disturbing to see what many think of as a cuddly pet, the reality is that eagles are birds of prey and don’t distinguish between cute and cuddly and dinner for their young.With this new camera, the adult male falcon, who has made the Manitowoc Elevator his home for the last several years, was successfully identified by Peregrine Falcon expert and conservationist from the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program, Greg Septon.The adult male was identified as “Patriot.” He was born at the Pulliam Power Plant nest site in Green Bay, WI, and was banded on May 29, 2007, by Greg. “Patriot” was born at the Pulliam Power Plant nest site in Green Bay, WI, and was banded on May 29, 2007, by Greg Septon.Cats have long tails that help them balance, and sharp claws and teeth that aid in the hunting of rodents and small birds.Like their wild relatives, domesticated house cats are known for their agility, strength, and coordination. Kittens are born in groups called “litters” that typically consist of 2 to 5 baby cats.

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